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Hello people.
Kids need your attention, please donate here.
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lol @ them all scared of Sophia.
igloo lmao
hi Taylor :D
Taylor trying to suck up to get that $20,000
lol, you're so right!!
yea!!! it's Alex finally
Jarred and Alex OTP
Zach was so funny, "A hot air balloon ride"
wait until your older kiddo
I smell a gold star Migle
omg alex aww.
ooooh, Alex & Jared tie for a gold star
OMG Zach, calm yourself down...
omg yay alex!
jarred better get one too.
everyone LOVES....
omg i want to see his mom!
what a great family!


9 years ago

omg it's almost over.
omg only one more episode left. :( :( NOOO.
can't believe he just said season finale
ugh alex is so qt
Ah I miss seeing this show! :(
what a good episode, sophia rocks, anjay still rocks, and my boys alex and jared are kickin ass.

alex will be president some day...
you know it bb

Looking forward to another stellar Big Brother?

I know you mentioned your were bummed that the Led Zep reunion was delayed, well...I have an acquaintance who was in London last night, he said they had a enough video recording going on to produce a DVD so you may get to see it for yourself, oh and also that these geriatric rockers put today's young'uns to same


9 years ago